Dress for Success


In recent months there have been some articles in the international media about personal image that I was very happy with, as they corroborate an advice I have long offered to my clients: Dress for your success and you will achieve it much faster and with less effort.

According to a report published at the Wall Street Journal, research data from well-known institutions such as Yale and Columbia University confirm that well-dressed groups of people (whether in suit or only well dressed, adequate) sell up to 3x more than badly dressed people, convey much more credibility, are less likely to give in to negotiations, and also feel much happier and more confident in their jobs, which directly reflects their actions and income at work.

Not to mention the way others see them: The confident, well-dressed professional communicates more credibility, which creates calmer and more captivated clients.

The results further show that, in a competitive scenario, wearing more formal clothes can send others a signal about how successful and confident you are, while more casually dressed people tend to recede more easily across the table. “Well dressed individuals become more formally aware of the respect they are receiving and are, consequently, stronger in negotiations (…),” says Krauss, one of the researchers.

"The confident, well-dressed professional communicates more credibility, which leads to calmer and more captivated clients."

In another study published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, the conclusion was that well-dressed people use “the kind of abstract thinking that is expected of someone in a position of power, such as a senior executive or CEO,”. In other words, if they feel more powerful, people end up making more powerful decisions as well.

The fact is that when others can already see you in a position, it is much easier for them to put you there and respect you as such, than if you don't have the "face" of it or don't look ready for the job.

Not to mention the way you feel when you're well dressed: more confident and ready for any challenge, isn't it?

So, my suggestion today is that you take a closer look at your professional dresscode, tailoring it to show your best skills. Create a daily habit to choose what you are going to wear the next day based on what you want to convey in your scheduled engagements and to the people you will meet.

Ask youself the question: How do you want to be remembered tomorrow?

Thus, you will surely have a taste of the power and changes that a well placed image, that is aligned with your purposes, can bring!

If you want a little help in the process, contact me for more information. I will be delighted to help you empower your image and turn it into a powerful ally for your professional success.

Talk to you soon,

Roberta Carlucci

(Based on the article "Dress for your success" published on www.robertacarlucci.com.br on 8/06/2016).