Meet our happy clients!

“My main goal in hiring Roberta was totally professional: to change the image I transmited to people and to be recognized in the company in a different way.

I confess that it was not easy to hire an image consultant. It may sound silly, but chauvinism held me back a little. Luckily I assumed I knew nothing about it and needed someone who really knew to help me.

The work was fast and very objective, guiding me in all possible aspects (even in shopping) and clearing all my doubts (which were not few). People noticed the change very positively and, most importantly, the consultancy reflected a lot on my posture.

Today I dress very well, I pass exactly the image I want to pass still “being myself” and I feel much more confident.

It was definitely worth the investment.”

— Gabriel C. | marketing manager


“I did the full image consulting with Roberta and the results were noticeable in my personal and professional life.

Overcoming the insecurity that I had at being properly dressed or not and being able to focus on tasks and / or issues at hand was crucial to boosting my confidence and productivity.

The color analysis was a game changer for me and the lessons on closet organization, shopping, and shoe and clothes combinations are always present in my daily life.

Besides, Roberta is so kind, super attentive, practically a psychologist (rssss) and was super flexible with my busy schedule.

I most definitelly recommend her and intend to make periodic work wardrobe review appointments.”

— Cintia C. | sr. executive

“I would not fail to give you a feedback, since our experience together was unique and so very positive for me.

I learned with you to look more carefully to my clothes, to be more conscious at shopping and avoid impulse buying, to research different looks before I buy something new, to do my shopping list… With all that and more, fashion became more loving and interesting through my new eyes.

Your contribution was very important because you made me “go faster”. The confidence and empathy I had for you and your work, coupled with my own internal will to change in face of my beautiful self discovery process, gave me the courage to let go of so many things I had to, both internally and externally.

I wish you all the success and that many other women can achieve a more feminine and exciting world with your help!”

— patricia B. | Lawyer

“Your consultation was great, because it improved no much my confidence and self esteem.

I am happy with everything about it, since I was in a transition phase where I could not define myself visually anymore. Now, I know exactly what I want to show, what I can or cannot wear and also to create great looks for work or leisure.

I also loved to define my personal style and to now be able to buy new things with more confidence. Now I know how to shop and, knowing how to match my new pieces with what I have at home, makes it even more fun!

Roberta, thank you so much for your consultation, you are the best! I am so confident now and receive frequent compliments about my style until today.”

— LETICIA S, | business owner


“The results of Roberta’s image consulting services far exceeded my expectations.

I was just hoping to assemble some new looks from the clothes I already had and give a fresh look to my outfits, but I gained a lot more than that: I gained a new image of myself, identifying a new style for a new phase of my life.

Looking at my closet today, I can literally see all that I own, and now they can all be worn with confidence, as they fit my body, age and style.

I am much more careful with buying new clothes. Today I prioritize the quality of the pieces and their interaction with the clothes I already have in my wardrobe.

I want to say that, besides being a wonderful person that everyone would love to have as a friend, you are an excellent professional!”

— Silvia C. | Lawyer


“I loved our first meeting. I can already see what I own in a much better way and took a lot of other things out that I don’t feel are ME anymore. Not to mention you are so kind and an excellent professional!

After we fisished her Curated Closet + Shop Your Closet sessions:

I am sooo happy!
I wanted to tell you that, after our time together, I can now create so many wonderfull new combinations that I never thought possible before. I feeel confident, feminine, powerfull and the way people treat and look at me has changed. For the better, of course!

Besides that, I donated even more pieces from my closet that didn’t make sense to me anymore and I feel it is now easier to let go, lighter. I gave up things that I didn’t use anymore for years, but could never give up before.

Thank you so much! Your work is amazing and you are wonderfull and so kind!”

— Elisângela T. | banker

“It was crucial for me to do this process with a qualified image consultant. The results exceeded my expectations.

It was and continues to be a process of learning, recovery of my self esteem, vanity and most of all, self awareness.

Today, I feel much more confident, not just while dressing, but also when shopping, organizing my closet and maintaining what I already have.”

— priscila C. | System Analyst

“It really was worth the investment and met my expectations. My image is more professional and I feel much better.

I confess that in reviewing the initial wardrobe I was scared because we removed a lot of things from it, but they were really worn clothes and others that I had not used for a long time. And with our new purchases, almost everything has been supplied (and upgraded) so far.

I also learned to do better shopping on my own and already made great purchases after our consultation was over.”

— Tatiana S. | Doctor


“I hired an image consultant because I always had difficulty shopping, and the process of getting ready was always painful to me.

This learning with Roberta, which had everything to be stressful, became fun, easy and enjoyable. She has the ability to show our qualities and characteristics that we often don’t even realize, while at the same time helping us value what is to be valued and disguise our shortcomings, without being so critical of them all the time.

She helps us not only aesthetically. She does a complete job in making you stronger and more confident. She guides you to your best, most suitable and most elegant version, without changing your essence and always respecting your style.

She is very professional, studious, dedicated and has no frills! I felt very comfortable in this transformation. Changes and learning will continue forever, but now more lightly and fun.

Thanks so much!”

— Georgina C. | Doctor