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my Mission:


My mission and passion is to empower strong and talented professionals through their image, so they learn to use this important tool to feel confident and motivated, reach the right people and reach new levels of success.


Hi, I’m Roberta Carlucci

For the past 11 years I have been guiding and assisting hundreds of private and corporate clients all over the world to synch their best potential and strengths to what they communicate to the world through their professional image and brand, so they can feel confident, empowered and authentic to reach new levels of success.

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It takes only 7 seconds…

…for someone to decide if your are trustworthy, successful, competent and make at least 10 other assumptions about you when you first meet, which together form what we call your first impression.

Are you confident that yours is communicating the right things about you?




In 2019 I have completed 11 years as a successfull image consultant, being a specialist in professional image, personal branding and online positioning.



happy clients

I have empowered over a hundred private and corporate clients all over the world through their image, working on their first and everlasting impression, both in person and online.



articles written

I have written over 1.200 articles on my website, LinkedIn and for important communication portals about image, corporate etiquette, style and fashion.


My experience as Roberta's client couldn't have been better: she is capable of analyzing her client's corporate image holistically, as well as describe their areas of improvement both technically and gracefully.

She really studies deep everything she does and goes the extra mile to overcome her client's expectations. I admire her courage to leave the corporate world to open her own business, in a moment that her field of expertise was not known yet.

She really created a new market from scratch and conquered a leadership position in the south of Brazil.

Silvia Lago | Master Coach and Entrepreneur



How can I help you?

Combining Image Consulting and Personal Branding techniques, I bring you a proven method to empower your image, bringing you more confidence, authenticity and professionalism.

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With our online services, we can work together from anywhere in the world to assess your Digital Presence, gain confidence through a Style & Body Session, and more.



If you are in Amsterdam - NL or can come to the city, we can meet personally to leave your looks ready for the week on our Ready to Wear sessions, discover what you communicate to the world on our PRO Image Consultation, and more.



Our Branded Professional Image Program will give you the right tools to be authentic, feel empowered and reach the right audience, online and offline


Don’t know what’s right for you yet?

Let’s schedule a free 20min call to talk about what you are looking for and figure out together how I can best assist you.

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