In Person


PRO Image Consultation


This is where we start: in this 2,5 hour result oriented consultation, we will give you the tools to feel confident with the image you project.

This session includes 3 steps:

#1 style personality

Your style personality dictates what you communicate to others through your image.

You like being noticed or to blend in? Looking feminine in a girly or more confident way? Or is maybe comfort your main focus? What is more important to you: being trendy or being adequate?

Through these questions and looking into your lifestyle, values, priorities, aesthetic sense and more, we will have clarity on how you are perceived, what messages you are sending and learn to adapt your style to different audiences and dresscodes, especially in regards to your working wardrobe.

Let’s list some statement pieces to show the world your authentic self and learn to dress your best for every occasion.

#2 body & proportions

In this step we will look together at your face and body to uncover your best features and proportions, understand how you like to be seen and how to use all elements of dressing (clothes, styles, shapes, lines, fabrics, accessories and colors) to help you feel more confident and beautiful.

#3 Expert ColorS

Colors are the first element in your image that others notice and they have also an important psychological impact on you and your audience.

Through an expert analysis, I will show you what colors flatter your skin, eyes and hair tones, enhancing your natural features. I’ll also teach you about the messages different shades, tones and color temperatures send, how to mix and match colors and prints in a smart way and use them properly in your professional environment.

Bonus #1:

Your Style Guide (via e-mail) with recommendations about your style, body and colors, including tips for you to showcase your best in different formalities + a marvelous color swatch with your best colors, color combination ideas and best makeup shades.

Bonus #2:

A personalized shopping list with selected items for your new working wardrobe according to your style, objectives and routine, including the best stores to find them.

Bonus #3:

A tailor made Private Pinterest Board with looks to inspire you in your style and give you great new ideas of outfits for different formalities and occasions.

total Investment: € 390 (initial consultation + 3 bonuses)



Ready to Wear Session

  • Do you spend hours choosing an outfit, dressing and undressing several times before going out and feel frustrated with your clothes?

  • Are you always wearing the same clothes even though you know you have more options??

  • Do you want to learn how to style your looks like a pro and use accessories and colors to maximize your collection’s potential, while still being adequate and professional?

  • Do you have that famous feeling that you have nothing to wear, while your wardrobe is full of clothes?

  • Do you have a lot of items that you don’t know if are adequate, or maybe feel that you don’t dress properly for your position and potential?

  • Are you constantly buying new things to wear to the office, but don’t feel they really create more options for you?

In this 2h session, I will teach you my infallible technique to create great office-ready outfits from top to bottom in a quick and creative way for different occasions and formalities, and to maximize the use of the pieces you already have at home.

In times of conscious living and shopping, it’s a great idea to discover some hidden gems you have in the wardrobe and learn how to create fresh new looks without having to buy anything new.

I will show you what makes an outfit be more sophisticated, modern, feminine or classical, how to use accessories to flatter your best features and how to combine colors and patterns in a confident way, while still being adequate to your specific work environment.

We will create 15 to 30 ready to wear outfits together and all of them will be photographed and sent to you, so you have a precious archive of complete looks to use at the office or with your precious clients, just one click away.


Your tailor made shopping list with selected items that I feel can create even more possibilities with what you already have, including free tips on how and where to buy them.

Total investment: € 190 (2h + bonus)

Extra hours (upon request): € 95/hour



Curated closet


Do you need an expert help in curating your clothes and accessories so you have the functional and easy closet you always desired?

In this 3h session we will declutter your wardrobe, analyzing all your items with a professional look: does it still flatter you? Is the quality still good and does it still serve its purpose? Is it versatile and is there another way to use it that you didn’t think of? Does it still fit with your image goals and makes you feel good and confident? Can we recover or fit it to give it a fresh look? What is missing to make you have great outfit options for every occasion of your routine?

We will answer all these questions together and you will learn how to make this process be quick and (almost) painless! ;)

Bonus #1:

A tailor made shopping list with selected items that I feel are missing to make your collection work for your lifestyle, objective and that can create even more great outfits with what you already have. I’ll also tell you where to buy it for the best value, style and fit!

Bonus #2:

My exclusive Wardrobe Maintenance Guide (via e-mail) full of great tips to make your clothes and accessories last longer, how to best organize your clothes to increase visibility and space, and much more! You will get personalized orientation on these subjects during our session as well.

Total investment: € 285 (3h + 2 bonuses)

Extra hours (upon request): € 95/hour



PRO Shopping


In terms of clothes and wardrobe, people often make the most mistakes in the process of shopping.

Some people don’t like it, others buy on impulse or emotion, and others don’t have the patience to find the hidden gems within a, more often than not, intimidating store.

What they can forget, however, is that a cluttered and incoherent closet reflects directly in our everyday happiness, as we all have a daily encounter with our wardrobes before we start our morning routines. To spend hours choosing an outfit, dressing and undressing several times and feeling frustrated with your clothes is not healthy at all and can ruin anyone’s day.

Not to mention the waste of time, money and environment resources we create when we buy low quality items or clothes we don’t wear.

Taking in consideration your budget, style, body preferences and professional dresscode, I’ll guide you through a 2h PRO Shopping session to find the best and most versatile pieces to create amazing office-ready outfits with what you already have at home, teaching you where to spend or spare, the best brands for your needs, how to evaluate clothing quality and fit, and of course the best tips on how to style and combine your new acquisitions in a creative way.

This consultation includes a 20min call scheduled 2 days before our appointment, where we will talk about your expectations, what you want to buy, your budget, preferences and style so I can plan and organize our session for the best results.

  • This service is even more effective after a PRO Image Consultation and/or Curated Closet session, where we will have your personalized shopping list ready to guide our shopping spree. Scroll up to know more!


Your personalized shopping list with selected items I feel will complement the pieces you bought in our shopping session and your current professional wardrobe for future shopping outings with or without me + free tips on where to find them.

Total investment: € 190 (2h + Bonus)

Extra hours (upon request): € 95/hour


All in person consultations take place in your home or pre-determined shops in Amsterdam area, and can be held in English or Portuguese.

ALL prices are excluding VAT (21%).

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