Online Style & Body Session


Is the impression you are leaving coherent with who you really are? Do you know how to dress to feel empowered and professional?

This is an online result oriented consultation to discover your style personality and learn how to use it in your favour, as well as discover your best fisical features and how to exult them, so you feel more confident and show your best self to the world.

style personality

A 1 hour session where we will uncover your style and understand what messages you send to the world. What are the characteristics that make you, you?

You will learn how to build a professional image that works in your favour in diferent ocations without compromising your style, the different clothes, shapes, colors, patterns and lines that communicate what you want and show the unique YOU and what next steps you can take to take your image to the next level, feeling empowered, sophisticated and leaving a great impression on others.

face & body

A 1 hour session to look together at your body, your proportions, your face shape and your relationship with your self image.

Let’s understand how you see yourself in the most beautiful way and help you do that everyday through the right choice of clothing, shapes, fabrics, cut, fit, colors, patterns and accessories.

Your bodyshape is not that important: what we want is for you to feel confident and impressed with what you see in the mirror, so you can forget about it and focus on what you do best!

Bonus #1:

A private personalized Pinterest Board with looks to inspire you in your style and give you ideas of office-ready outfits for different appointments and formalities.

Bonus #2:

Our Style Guide with recomendations about your style and body, including tips for you to showcase your best in every ocasion.

total Investment: € 220 (2h + 2 bonuses)


Expert On The Go


Have you ever wanted an image consultant & expert just for you, to ask all the question you might have about your professional image, dresscodes, personal branding, ettiquette, trends, accessories, colors, and more?

Well, I’m here for you!

Grab a pen and paper and let’s schedule a 1x1 videocall (via Skype, Whatsapp or web) for you to have my undivided attention for a whole hour (or 2 sessions of 30min within a month).

Do you have a special corporate event to go but don’t know what to wear? Will travel to another location and need tips to pack your bag? Will have a job interview or important meeting and need to look your best? Have bought a beautiful item but don’t know if it works for the office and how to style it with other things you have?

I’ll give you tips, insider tricks, links, books and much more so you can have all the information you need.

Want to see me every month? Check our special rates for extended periods below.

Total investment: € 90 (1h) | € 170 (2h within 2 months) | € 250 (3h within 3 months)

Extra hours (upon request): € 90/hour


Digital Footprint


what do you communicate about yourself online?

Have you ever Googled your name? Of course you have. But could you properly evaluate the results and were you happy with what you found?

In this digital era, our first impression is many times formed through our online presence, which is what exists about us online: social media, comments in online forums, your own website, interviews you gave for portals, pictures in magazines, and so on.

Your digital footprint is measured quantitatively and qualitatively and you can curate and change it so what it shows about yourself is coherent with your objectives and personal brand.

In this 1h session we will go over your Online Audit, which I will make prior to our appointment, and give you steps and recommendations to make your online presence stand out in the right way, taking in consideration your area of expertise and target audience.


Our 10 tips for an Outstanding LinkedIn profile E-book, with great insights on how you can make your profile in the main professional networking platform stand out and reach your target audience.

Total investment: € 149 (1h session + online audit + bonus e-book)


All consultations take place VIA SKYPE OR WEBINAR FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, and can be held in English or Portuguese.


ALL prices are excluding VAT (21%).

Don’t know what’s right for you yet?

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