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Your are unique. You offer real value. People just might not know it yet.

The image, contrary to what many think, goes far beyond what we wear: it encompasses our gestures, our appearance and today also our digital footprint, which is nothing more than what you communicate about yourself in the online universe, whether in social media, your website, forum contributions, and more.

Vision is the sense that human beings trust most, so it is very difficult to change what your visual communication has said about you even before you say the first word. In just 7 seconds, over 13 decisions are made about you by someone else using purely what they see, and the big question here is that this first impression will be decisive for your success in this relationship: whether this person will take you seriously or not, if she thinks you are competent, successful, trustworthy and, among others, she will decide whether or not to buy something from you, whether it's a product or service.

The truth is, people don’t buy services, they buy other people. In order to stand out from your competition, you have to show the world your best self, bring real value to the table and be authentic in the things you do.

The goal of the BRANDED PROFESSIONAL IMAGE program is to develop, through the marriage of image consulting and personal branding techniques, a professional image and brand that represents you, both online and offline.

An image that is authentic, brings you confidence and communicates your best qualities and strengths to your target audience in order to open new doors and build strong relationships more effectively.

Let’s work together to discover what makes you, you. What unique qualities and strengths you bring to the world and how you can apply them to your personal brand. Understand once and for all what your Unique Promise of Value is and how to communicate that like a pro to the people who matter.

From discovering your objectives to setting doable goals, from creating authority and credibility to networking and content strategy, our B.P.I training will give you all the important tools to stand out and take your career to the next level.

Our program consists a total of 8 power sessions, divided in 3 phases:


In this first phase, we will talk about reputation, the concepts of a good brand and professional image and their importance in your career, social and personal life.

We will ask around to find out what messagens your image and brand are sending to the world. Do they help or sabotage you? Are they aligned with your essence, objectives and values?

We will also take a look at your digital footprint, auditing what your online presence has to say about you.

#2 discovery

You might not be a superhero, but you most definetly have some superpowers!

Let’s discover together what they are and to whom they will be most valuable, defining then your perfect audience.

And how can you differentiate yourself from your competition? Your superpowers + your values + your strengths can guide you to the answer.

At the end of this phase, you’ll have a clear map of your goals, mission, values, UPV, and target audience, so we can start defining the most efficient and practical strategy to take you where you want to go.

#3 implementation

Let’s define our winning strategy with the right steps to let your brand shine to your target audience: your irresistible offer, professional image, a social media, communication & content plan, visual identity guidelines, elevator pitch, networking and growth strategy for constant improving so you can continue reaching higher and higher.

Bonus #1:

Our 10 tips for an Outstanding LinkedIn profile E-book, with great insights on how you can make your profile in the main professional networking platform stand out and reach your target audience.

Bonus #2:

Your Professional Image Guide with recomendations to use your appearance to communicate your brand and send the messages you want in different professional occasions and formalities, without compromising your style.

total Investment: € 1.320 (8 sessions + 2 bonuses)

Extra sessions at reduced rate for continuing clients: € 150/hour


All consultations take place VIA SKYPE OR WEBINAR FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD and can be held in English or Portuguese.